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Your current Minecraft username: IBeatPing   Your age: I'm 17   Your discord name: spec.#5973   Do you have the ability to record video without lag, and upload that video to YouTube?: Yes   What is your Country Abbreviation and Time Zone? (E.g. UK - GMT): GMT+2  (Norway)   How much time per day are you willing to assist in staffing?: 4-6 hours. (Subject to change)    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since 2010 - 2011   Have you been a member of another community’s staff, or have relevant work experience? If so, please describe your experience. On small servers that no longer are up. But, im familiar with how the staff plugins work and how to act as a staff member.   Why do you want to be a helper on Hywrath?: I think I should become a helper because Hywrath is an upcoming server and i would like to help the server in any way. This helper position would be beneficial to me as I would like to acquire responsibilities on the server or forum and to help the Hywrath community with any queries. I will not hesitate to report someone when they break a rule, and cannot be bribed. If someone I've never seen before is breaking a rule and someone I'm close to personally is breaking a rule, I would report them both. I'm not going to list all of my characteristics, that's just pretty generic at this point. But I am very organized, have good time management, and get things done before the deadline. One of my flaws, however, is that I can be very stubborn. Sometimes in a good way, like sticking up for someone, but other times in a bad way, like not admitting to being wrong about something. I am working on this though   Why do you believe you are qualified to be a helper on the Hywrath?: Responsible and mature I know right and wrong and stick by it and as a staff member it would be my responsibility to make sure others do too. Once I get assigned a task I will make it my mission to succeed and do what is expected of me, and I will also always try to go the extra mile. I would love to take on the great responsibly of being helper. I would also take full responsibility of any of my actions not pointing the blame at anyone else as I am able to learn from my mistakes and apply them to my work from then onwards. Respect I respect everyone no matter who they are. I treat everybody with the same respect, I am also unbiased and would not single out or 'let off' anybody favouring particular individuals. Teamwork I can work professionally in a team and get along easily with others, I can also work efficiently on my own. I love to work and meet new people with no matter their ability. I think this is a great skill to have as a staff member when communicating with others and working on a staff team.   How would you like to see the Hywrath community improve?: First of all its important to make sure that the staff team is not currupt, this will make players appreciate the staff team that much more. A very active staff team would also be very good to find rule breakers on the server, which is very good for a better community. No rule breakers means that the server has a very equal play ground for everyone.    What are 3 qualities you have that you feel you could improve?: Taking jokes to far, Forume activity, creativity.    In each scenario, assume that you are in a Helper position. Briefly, explain to the best of your abilities how you would respond to each situation.   1. You are playing a game and you see a player whose actions seem suspiciously like hacking. However, you are not quite certain. What do you do? I have to try to get a recording of the player cheating / breaking a rule. Afterwards i have to send the video to a staff member higher up.    2. A player on the forums publicly accuses you of abusing your powers. They claim to have proof and are demanding that you be fired. What do you do? I would like the player to come forward with the proof before any actions are taken. In this case i would also put forward any proof i might of had like recordings etc.    3. Two players on the discord are verbally fighting in a public channel with 5 other people, and things are getting out of hand. What do you do? Before things are getting out of control, i'm going to have to try to calm everyone down and warn them if they carry on it will result in a discord mute. If its gone to far and its out of control, i will have to mute them for now, since as a helper i cannot make any big decisions Then contact someone with higher authority for further actions.     4. You are watching the newest video of your favorite Streamer / YouTuber, who happens to be a popular player on the server. Suddenly, you realize they are using a hacked client during the recording. What do you do? Dosen't matter what rank they are, rules are rules they apply for everyone. In this case i'm a helper so i have to send proof to someone higher up in the staff team for review.    5. A player is incessantly spamming an annoying phrase repeatedly. How would you handle this player? First give him a warning, if the player persists to spam then mute them for 1 hour.           
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