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Hywrath Staff Applications Format
Started by ZuqiMC

Hywrath Staff Applications

(( This application must be followed at all times ))

Your current Minecraft username:

Your age:

Your discord name. (e.x, Zuqi#0001) 

Do you have the ability to record video without lag, and upload that video to YouTube?:

What is your Country Abbreviation and Time Zone? (E.g. UK - GMT):

How much time per day are you willing to assist in staffing?:

How long have you been playing Minecraft?:

Have you been a member of another community’s staff, or have relevant work experience? If so, please describe your experience.

Why do you want to be a helper on Hywrath?:

Why do you believe you are qualified to be a helper on the Hywrath?:

How would you like to see the Hywrath community improve?:

What are 3 qualities you have that you feel you could improve?:

In each scenario, assume that you are in a Helper position. Briefly, explain to the best of your abilities how you would respond to each situation.

1. You are playing a game and you see a player whose actions seem suspiciously like hacking. However, you are not quite certain. What do you do?

2. A player on the forums publicly accuses you of abusing your powers. They claim to have proof and are demanding that you be fired. What do you do?

3. Two players on the discord are verbally fighting in a public channel with 5 other people, and things are getting out of hand. What do you do?

4. You are watching the newest video of your favorite Streamer / YouTuber, who happens to be a popular player on the server. Suddenly, you realize they are using a hacked client during the recording. What do you do?

5. A player is incessantly spamming an annoying phrase repeatedly.
How would you handle this player?

This application is subject to change at any point. 

If you were to be denied, you would have to wait 2 weeks from the denial date to reapply.
You may not be staff on any other Minecraft servers, nor own any servers currently.
Age isn't limited on our server, but matureness is prioritized. 
We ignore all applicants who have current bans on our server or bans that are under six months old since the date of applying.
Applications with poorly written replies or one sentence replies will be denied.
Applications that do not follow the template will be denied.
You must have a microphone in order to be staff. 

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